Sonic Forces

I need to start by saying just how much I dislike the character designs in this game, and the overall messy story. Every character is just so damn ugly, and it’s painful to watch. So what’s good about this game? I will say that I enjoy playing through the 2D levels, just like I did in Sonic Generations, which is the last Sonic game I enjoyed playing. The regular 3D levels are a mixed bag, and can still be fun at times, but I just don’t generally like controlling Sonic in a 3D space, especially from behind. To me, what the series needs is to ditch all of the 3D stuff, and just stick to games that are entirely built on 2D/2.5D levels — while at the same time getting rid of all of the ancillary characters, and just sticking with Sonic (alright, and maybe Tails). I’m probably going to finish it (I’m almost there I think, since it’s not an especially long game) mostly because I want to play through the 2D levels, but this is definitely not a return-to-form for the series.

By Jean Snow

Production Services Manager at Ubisoft Shanghai. Before that, half a life spent in Tokyo.