Superman: The Movie

I was really looking forward to watching this movie, and wow, was I ever disappointed. The first mistake I did was to watch the 3+ hour version, which I didn’t remember was a thing — following its initial theatrical release, which was around 2 hours, they produced this version for its TV debut, and it seems to have become the de facto version. The main problem is that the first hour is so incredibly boring that it really took me out of it, and so when we finally get to spend time with Christopher Reeve — who still shines as both Clark Kent and Superman — I just didn’t really care anymore. The silly scenes with Luthor underground also made it that much more of a chore. Oh, and yes, the “rotate Earth to go back in time” is still beyond ridiculous, but that’s besides the point. I think a tight 90-minute version would be have been enjoyable to re-watch, but this 3-hour slog definitely wasn’t.