Les affamés (Ravenous)

I was looking through Netflix’s horror movie category for things to watch, and came up on this, a French-Canadian zombie flick that was apparently critically acclaimed (it’s under the English title Ravenous, and was released in 2017). Even though I’m pretty sick of the zombie genre in general, I decided to watch it — thinking that having Quebec as a setting would be interesting. I will say that technically, I think this is well made film, in terms of filmmaking. My biggest disappointment though was that the aspect of the film that was presented that seemed really interesting and novel (the zombies create these tall structures and gaze at them) is never explained — we don’t even get a tiny suggestion of what it might mean. What you’re left with is just a few people surviving a zombie apocalypse, like we’ve seen countless times before (and especially in the Walking Dead). I wouldn’t say it’s a bad film, but it missed the mark for me.