Annabelle: Creation

I’d been meaning to check out what is now The Conjuring franchise for quite a while now — I’d seen Conjuring when it originally came out, and liked it fine, but for some reason hadn’t gotten around to watching the sequel or all the spinoffs. Although Creation is the second Annabelle film, it’s a prequel, and so since it was the only Annabelle film on Netflix, I decided to start with this one. Overall, I liked it — it didn’t blow me away, but it’s creepy enough and I had fun watching it, enough to want to watch the other movies (which I ended up doing on the same day). I was a bit confused by what I saw at the end, but found it pretty interesting when I later found out that it was presenting what we see in the first movie of the series, but from a slightly different angle (I looked it up on Wikipedia, before watching the first movie proper).