Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams

I do remember watching this back in the day and not really enjoying it. I didn’t really remember any aspect of the film, just that it wasn’t for me, and that made me pretty excited to revisit it at this point in my life to see how I would feel this time. Since it’s an anthology — made up of a series of “dreamy” sequences — it’s maybe not too surprising that I’m going to say that there were some segments that I really, really liked (the first two especially, as well as the windmill village one), and some I found to be alright, and some I really, really didn’t like (the blizzard, the red Fuji, the demon). In the end, what attracts me to Kurosawa’s work is his sense of visual construction, and so the segments that really highlight this are the ones I really liked — for the same reason that I love Ran. So in the end, for me, it’s uneven, but I’m really glad I watched it. And seeing Martin Scorsese play the role of Van Gogh in one of the segments is pretty surreal.