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Gener8ion Continues

Nothing really to say other than I still really love the Gener8ion Tumblr, even though I know nothing about who is behind it. Love the aesthetic.

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Browne’s Tokyoiter

The latest Tokyoiter cover, produced by Andrew Browne — see the original image here.

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Making Koya Bound

Craig recently shared a new essay that talks about the process he went through in putting out Koya Bound — as with all of his essays, it’s as informative as it is entertaining to read. I’d also point you to the latest edition of his Roden Explorers newsletter, in which he describes in detail what he experienced during a meditation retreat he attended earlier this year.

Art Design

Mr. Mendo Comes to Tokyo

My good friend Luis gets a nice feature over at This Works telling the story of how he decided to make a major career change in his 40s (from designer to illustrator, or “drawer,” as he would say) and make the move to Tokyo. It was during that initial 3-month sabbatical that we met, and I could tell then that he would soon be back.

Art Magazines

Pink Boarding

I haven’t shared any Tokyoiter covers in a while — while they were preparing for their recent exhibition, the site had gone a bit quiet — but there have been plenty of additions following the show, and the latest one is the lovely cover you see here, created by my buddy Louis-Étienne Vallée.

Art Fashion

Hisashi Tenmyouya

This tweet reminded me how much I love the work of artist Hisashi Tenmyouya. I used to have this really great t-shirt featuring his work — part of the Roppongi Hills collection — and I unfortunately wore it so much it got to a point where I had to throw it out. I should try and get a new one..

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Yayoi Kusama Museum

I’d love to visit the upcoming Yayoi Kusama Museum in Shinjuku, opening in October — not only to take in her work, but the building itself looks quite nice. You’ll find more details in this Spoon & Tamago post.

On a related note, here in Montreal we live near the Musée des Beaux Arts, and this summer they’ve set up an outdoor collection along Sherbrooke street, and we’re lucky enough to have a piece by Kusama near our place (pictured below).

Art Web

New Territories

One of my favorite filmmakers, Anne Ferrero (Toco Toco TV, Branching Paths), is part of yet another beautifully produced series of video shorts/documentaries about Japanese culture. Called New Territories, it “aims at shedding more light on Japan’s art scene through the eyes of its local players, including artists, galleries, curators, writers, and more.” The first episode covers the Misako & Rosen gallery.

Art Food

Yokai Food & Drinks

Illustrator Hanabiyori Tatami has been creating a series of illustrations that combine food stuffs and drinks with the traditional yokai (demons) of Japan, and it’s great to see — pictured here, instant curry by way of yokai. See more in this Spoon & Tamago post.


Yukihiro Tada

I really love the illustrative work of Yukihiro Tada. There’s tons of great stuff to take in on his personal site, but I especially like the dense environments that are highlighted in this Spoon & Tamago post.