Category: Manga

  • Hisashi Eguchi

    After taking a break during the summer, Toco Toco is back with a new monthly schedule, and the first episode of this new season covers illustrator and manga creator Hisashi Eguchi.

  • Sayaka Ishiyama

    State of Tokyo has a new interview up, this time with manga creator Sayaka Ishiyama. As with all the pieces that go up on the site, it’s photo heavy, and gives you a nice look at Ishiyama-san working on her illustrations.

  • Going Beyond Scanlations

    Kotaku has a great piece about how people working at producing “scanlations” (the unauthorized scanning and translation of manga) who are now trying to get publishers to actually hire them. Interesting to see the struggle happening — as well as the view by some Japanese publishers that when something gets scanlated, that it may no…

  • JoJo’s Bizarre Drinking Adventure in Osaka

    I know next to nothing about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure — despite it celebrating a 30th anniversary this year, I’ve never been particularly interested in checking out the series, although I have a few friends who seem to enjoy it quite a bit. One of these friends is Daniel Feit, who has written a really fun piece…

  • The Manga Concierge

    Anne Ferrero is one of my favorite creators of video content (Branching Paths, Toco Toco TV) and she has just launched yet another series you can watch on YouTube called The Manga Concierge. As the title suggests, each episode takes a look at a few manga series. The first episode is themed on games, and…

  • Paranoia Girls 2.0

    Paranoia Girls, an experimental illustrated story written by Parick Macias and drawn by Yunico Uchiyama is now being shared through Wattpad (it was running on Tumblr), and as they explain, “the text for Wattpad will contain revisions and should be considered a 2.0 version.”

  • Pied Piper House

    Pied Piper House was a famed record store in Tokyo during the 70s and 80s, that has been revived as a temporary pop-up shop in Tower Records (until July of this year). They’d already released a compilation record, Best of Pied Piper Days, selected by the store’s original owner, and now they have a Vol.…

  • Takao Yaguchi

    Here’s a beautiful little short (wish it was longer) about visiting manga creator Takao Yaguchi (Tsurikichi Sanpei) in his hometown of Yokote, in Akita prefecture. It was in part produced by Anne Ferrero (Branching Paths, Toco Toco TV).

  • UME on Toco Toco TV

    The first episode of Toco Toco TV for 2017 is up, and it features mangaka unit UME. Also, the description on the page teases that the next episode will be about pro gamer Fuudo.

  • A Desk for Manga Artists

    Here’s another great post on Spoon & Tamago that tells the story of the creation by designer Oki Sato (Nendo) of a desk specifically designed with manga artists in mind, part of a collaboration with manga creator Yusei Matsui.