Category: Photography

  • Bon Pon

    A few weeks ago I came across the fantastic Instagram account of bonpon511, which is in fact Bon and Pon (he’s Bon, she’s Pon), a couple in their 60s who share photos of impeccably coordinated outfits. They’re the cutest.

  • Mt. Takao

    One of the things my wife and I both miss from our life in Tokyo was the proximity to Mt. Takao (and Okutama), which we would regularly visit for a hike — even with pooch sometimes. The latest post on the State of Tokyo site is a beautiful photo essay on a recent hiking trip to Takao,…

  • 99+1 Japan

    99+1 Japan is a beautiful new guide produced by the Japan National Tourism Organization that takes the form of a website and book (which is also available as a downloadable PDF). The focus here is on art, design, and architecture, and from the browsing I did on the website, the choices are, well, quite choice. I…

  • Don’t Go Outside: Tokyo Street Photos

    This is a Kickstarter for a photography book by Sean Bonner that I came to late, but I’m glad to see it got funded. Looks like a rather nice project, and I imagine it may become available again once it gets published.

  • Brotures Harajuku

    The latest post on State of Tokyo is about PauseDraw, which I shared last week, but here’s another recent post on the site that shows off the fantastic looking Brotures Harajuku bike shop. Tokyo definitely has some awesome bike shops, which often feel like mini-museums when you visit them.

  • State of PauseDraw

    The latest post up on the State of Tokyo site is a beautifully shot look at the latest PauseDraw event. It’s great to see the event get a nice bit of coverage like this, and big thanks to Alex for the PauseTalk mention — I miss doing those events too.

  • Mojihunt

    “Mojihunt” is a project by Fabian Reus in which he shares close-ups of Japanese characters that he spots out and about. Follow the project on Instagram. Found via Canvas.

  • Where They Create: Japan

    A new book to lust over, Where They Create: Japan is a collection of what looks like fantastic photo shoots of creative spaces by photographer Paul Barbera. You get a peek inside the studios and work spaces of creatives like Anrealage, Kengo Kuma, Wonderwall, Nendo, Tadao Ando, Tokujin Yoshioka, and Toyo Ito. You can order it here —…

  • No More Fruits

    Street fashion magazine Fruits has just published its final issue (pictured). The reason? According to the magazine’s founder (and editor, and chief photographer) Shoichi Aoki, there just aren’t enough “cool kids” out on the streets anymore. Sad indeed. This Spoon & Tamago post has more details on the magazine’s closure.

  • Tokyo 2010

    Photo of Tokyo, circa 2010, taken by Sebastian Mayer.