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Hyping Destiny 2 in Japan

Even though I’m sure I’m going to end up playing it soon enough (and despite not being a particularly huge fan of the series, the first game is the game I think I’ve put in the most hours ever), I’m not really onboard the hype train for Destiny 2, but I sure as hell love this commercial they produced in Japan to hype the game.

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Everyday Washing Machines

Using Perfume to sell Panasonic washing machines (the track used, “Everyday,” is coming out as a b-side single soon). Via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

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The Power of Women

Sure, this may be an elaborate commercial for sweets, but at the same it’s a really fun “sort of” music video that reveals the power Japanese women have over men — or rather, how easy Japanese men are manipulated. Via this tweet.

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The Science of LifeWear

I got to this Uniqlo CM from that article I just mentioned, and like it for the Tokyo settings you see in the background — even though it is kinda weird that all the featured models are non-Japanese.

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Matsudo Paper

Matsudo Paper looks like a beautifully produced project to promote the city of Matsudo. There’s more to see in this post on Canvas.

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For Honor in Akihabara

It was pretty exciting to see the photo you see here, taken as a giant banner for the game I worked on for most of 2016 was being put up in Akihabara. We all know that western releases don’t get that much attention in Japan, and so it’s pretty great to see For Honor get featured front and center in the heart of Tokyo’s “electronic” district. I also see that Famitsu is hosting a special site dedicated to the game.

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Meiji 100 Years

Andrew Joyce‘s biggest project in 2016 was a massive¬†work produced for Meiji’s 100th anniversary, representing a parade that travels the length of Japan, featuring Meiji’s products. This post covers all of the images produced, which were printed in newspapers, and formed a mural at Shibuya station.

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I really like a lot of the work by design unit NNNNY, including the image you see here, produced for Parco. There’s lots to see in this Pinterest page as well.

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Japanese Professionals


Really great ad by Nissan revealing the matter-of-fact care and professionalism you tend to see in everyday work life in Japan. I showed this to my wife, and to her, she didn’t really see what was so special about the ad, which I think supports the premise of the ad. The ad is part of the following campaign.

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Early Muji Ads


Fast Company has a post up sharing a selection of 11 ads that Ikko Tanaka produced for Muji during its early years. I absolutely love this stuff, not just because it’s Muji-related — still my favorite brand from Japan — but also because I’ve always had a love for the work of Tanaka (one of the best shows I’ve seen at the Ginza Graphic Gallery was a retrospective of his work).