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A new group show at the Nanzuka Underground gallery in Shibuya entitled “Corner” brings together the following four artists: Alexander Gelman, Paul Davis, Toast Girl, and Yuichi Yokoyama.

This exhibition presents the works of artists who continue to produce original works that are not influenced by the fashions and trends in the belief that the age-defining energy of art comes from these artists who stand apart. The title “Corner” suggests that the concept of art itself it about to turn a corner in the face of the extreme market oriented mentality that has seeped through the art world. The 4 artists on view may be outsiders in the current art scene. However art with vested interests is bound to be replaced by something else in the future. These 4 artists may be pointing to the possibility of that future.

“Corner” runs until February 6.

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Japan Brand in NYC

Felissimo in New York is hosting a Japan Brand pop-up shop during the holidays (until December 24), and it’s been getting some coverage on a bunch of NYC-based blogs, including and Spoon & Tamago.

Pictured above is a bicycle designed by Gelman, made of lacquer, silver plating, and gold leaf. It was created for his “Gelman’s Masterpieces” exhibition earlier this year at the Kakitsubata gallery in Nakameguro. I was actually given the chance the take it for a spin after the show was over, but I chickened out — was just too nervous that I might crash it or something.

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Tonight (November 6) marks the official launch of Postglobal, a new book (in Japanese) that takes a look at Gelman‘s activities since his “business” retirement a few years ago.

[T]his book is an illustrated documentation of Alexander Gelman’s thrilling adventures in Japan since his retirement from business a few years ago. He’s not the author, rather the subject. The book contains extensive research and information about deep Japanese traditions and culture. In a way, it reintroduces Japanese readers to their heritage. Things they take for granted come in a new light, other issues explained for the first time. The broad range of Gelman’s encounters makes the book quite rich in visual and thematic content and promises for an addictive educational reading.

Gelman will be on hand tonight at Aoyama Book Center in Roppongi from 19:00 to 20:00 to signs copies of the book.

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Peace Sweater

The Peace Sweater features a pattern that fuses seven different languages, featuring typography by Stefan Sagmeister, Alexander Gelman, Oded Ezer, Behrouz Hairiri, Ahn Song-Soo, Da Wang, and Dai Nippon Type Organization. The sweatshirt itself is designed by Erika Ohashi and Ian Lynam. When it goes on sale this spring, it will be limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. You can read more about the project here.