Tag: Architecture

  • Sowa Unit

    Sowa Unit is a new project from architect Kensuke Watanabe, in the form of a rehabilitation center for mental illnesses located in Tokyo. The complex is made up of six connected two-storey concrete sections. Dezeen features a gallery of photos, as well as an explanation of the project from Watanabe.

  • Hoto Fudo

    Back in October was saw renderings of the Hoto Fudo complex — designed by Takeshi Hosaka Architects — and now we get to see what the completed structure looks like, courtesy of Designboom.

  • MA House

    Another beautiful living space to drool over, this time Katsufumi Kubota‘s MA House, located in the city of Matsuyama. One thing I’m always curious about though — how do these spaces look after people have actually lived in them? Via MoCo Loco.

  • Chapel in Hiromine

    Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects designs this beautiful chapel, part of a hotel located near the top of Mt. Hiromine, not far from Himeji.

  • O House

    If you like stark white interiors, I don’t think you can get much better than Hideyuki Nakayma Architecture‘s O House, located in Kyoto — see more of the interior in this post over at Designboom.

  • Woods of Net

    For the Hakone Open-Air Museum, Tezuka Architects created the “Woods of Net,” a permanent pavilion for net artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam — ArchDaily posts a few photos of the installation. Via Dezain.net.

  • Bamboo Forest and Huts with Water

    Designboom takes a look at the Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects‘ “Bamboo Forest and Huts with Water” installation, presented earlier this year as part of the “Aqua Metropolis” event in Osaka.

  • Machi-Yatai Project

    BAKOKO‘s Alastair Townsend has a post up about a great project from Tokyo Geijitsu Daigaku students, “a set of three exquisite installations they built in the Ueno neighborhood around their university.” Pictured above, “reclaimed soji screens frame a reconfigurable space for events.”

  • Tanada Piece Gallery

    Beautiful new gallery in the city of Kyotanabe (near Kyoto) called Tanada Piece Gallery, featuring a rice field-inspired interior by Japanese architecture studio Geneto.

  • Kobe Portisland Factory

    As factories go, you have to hand it to Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects, the Kobe Portisland factory (above) is a rather nice one — Designboom posts more images.