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  • JoJo’s Bizarre Drinking Adventure in Osaka

    I know next to nothing about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure — despite it celebrating a 30th anniversary this year, I’ve never been particularly interested in checking out the series, although I have a few friends who seem to enjoy it quite a bit. One of these friends is Daniel Feit, who has written a really fun piece…

  • Tokyo Geek Bars

    Time Out Tokyo has a fun list of geeky bars in Tokyo, topped with the classic 16 Shots video game-themed bar (pictured).

  • Portland in Tokyo

    This was definitely something that I was already seeing before I left Tokyo, and I see that it has continued with gusto. I’m referring to the growing love of all things Portland in Tokyo, via quirky cafes/bars that go as far as serving imported craft beers from the city. Here’s a piece that offers up…