Tag: Calendar

  • Ready for Zelda Year

    I’d had my eye on that Zelda calendar you see in the photo, and while at HMV yesterday I saw that they had it at 25% off, and so that was that, I had to grab it. I’m of course super excited for the release of Breath of the Wild next year, and so this helps…

  • October 2016 Calendar from Nintendo

    I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy the monthly iPhone wallpaper calendars that Nintendo shares through its Japanese account on Line, and so I figured I’d share the new one for this month. Very Halloween-y.

  • YMCK October Calendar

    Looks like chiptune band YMCK has been sharing a special calendar each month — pictured here is the just-released October one (from this tweet). Also, YMCK vocalist Midori Kurihara will be DJing tomorrow night (Sunday, October 2) at the 8bit Cafe in Shinjuku, 19:00 to 23:00. Found via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

  • Canvas Tokyo Event Calendar

    I wrote something last year about Canvas — a community enclave for Tokyo-based creatives — and I’m happy to see that not only is the site still very active, but that it has now also launched an event calendar section.

  • JAGDA Calendar

    JAGDA (Japan Graphic Designers Association) has announced that its 2010 calendar is going on sale October 26, and it’s looking like a great buy, featuring works by 365 designers — the designers are listed here in Japanese, but the images will only appear online on the day they represent in the calendar. Priced at 3,650…