Ready for Zelda Year


I’d had my eye on that Zelda calendar you see in the photo, and while at HMV yesterday I saw that they had it at 25% off, and so that was that, I had to grab it. I’m of course super excited for the release of Breath of the Wild next year, and so this helps 2017 get even more Zelda-y. A bit later in the afternoon I spotted the mug you also see in the photo at EB Games, and so grabbed that as well. Oh, and I also started playing the original The Legend of Zelda game on my NES Classic Edition this weekend.

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October 2016 Calendar from Nintendo


I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy the monthly iPhone wallpaper calendars that Nintendo shares through its Japanese account on Line, and so I figured I’d share the new one for this month. Very Halloween-y.

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YMCK October Calendar


Looks like chiptune band YMCK has been sharing a special calendar each month — pictured here is the just-released October one (from this tweet). Also, YMCK vocalist Midori Kurihara will be DJing tomorrow night (Sunday, October 2) at the 8bit Cafe in Shinjuku, 19:00 to 23:00. Found via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

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Canvas Tokyo Event Calendar

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 20.42.34

I wrote something last year about Canvas — a community enclave for Tokyo-based creatives — and I’m happy to see that not only is the site still very active, but that it has now also launched an event calendar section.


JAGDA Calendar

JAGDA (Japan Graphic Designers Association) has announced that its 2010 calendar is going on sale October 26, and it’s looking like a great buy, featuring works by 365 designers — the designers are listed here in Japanese, but the images will only appear online on the day they represent in the calendar. Priced at 3,650 yen, you can get it for 3,000 if you pre-order it. Via TABlog.