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  • Rapha Rides Tokyo

    The always amazing Lee Basford is behind the fantastic video produced for the Tokyo stop of the “Rapha Rides” project (taking place in 20 cities around the world). Not only is it a beautiful look at taking in Tokyo by bike, it also features one of my design heroes (Groovisions). On the negative side, this…

  • Duncan’s Pop-up Shop

    I missed posting this in time for Duncan‘s pop-up shop that he did this past weekend at Kanno Coffee, but I still love seeing all of his products in one image like this. Via Canvas.

  • Nuevo Studio

    Previously of Ustwo, Alvaro Arregui is a fairly recent new addition to the Tokyo creative scene, where he has launched his own studio, Studio Nuevo. This Canvas post gives you a good look at the beautiful logo he produced for the studio, and he also shares news that their taking in internships.

  • Riku Machida

    I really like the illustrative work of Riku Machida — nice clean lines. Found via Canvas.

  • More Portraits

    My buddy Louis-Étienne shares more great illustrated portraits in this Canvas post. I mentioned his “Faces” project a while back.

  • The TDW 2012 Design

    It’s always interesting to find out who is responsible for graphics that you’ve seen out and about, and so I liked finding out from this Canvas post that the graphic identity for Tokyo Designers Week 2012 (pictured, with more here, and that I very much remember seeing) was produced by Airside Nippon.

  • This Town

    “Konomachi: This Town,” an illustrated piece by Erica Ward.

  • Faces

    My friend Louis-Étienne Vallée — who interestingly, I’d see at my PauseTalk events whenever he was in town for visits, and then again in Montreal where he was based before I moved there, and now he finds himself having moved to Tokyo — is an illustrator whose latest project sees him obsessing with faces. He…

  • Tomorrowland Caban Cahier

    My buddy Luis is all about drawing these days, but he used to design and art direct magazines, and it looks like he dipped back in this world for the beautiful Caban Cahier, produced for fashion retailer Tomorrowland. Found via Canvas.

  • Mojihunt

    “Mojihunt” is a project by Fabian Reus in which he shares close-ups of Japanese characters that he spots out and about. Follow the project on Instagram. Found via Canvas.