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Hyping Destiny 2 in Japan

Even though I’m sure I’m going to end up playing it soon enough (and despite not being a particularly huge fan of the series, the first game is the game I think I’ve put in the most hours ever), I’m not really onboard the hype train for Destiny 2, but I sure as hell love this commercial they produced in Japan to hype the game.

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Everyday Washing Machines

Using Perfume to sell Panasonic washing machines (the track used, “Everyday,” is coming out as a b-side single soon). Via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

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The Power of Women

Sure, this may be an elaborate commercial for sweets, but at the same it’s a really fun “sort of” music video that reveals the power Japanese women have over men — or rather, how easy Japanese men are manipulated. Via this tweet.

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The Science of LifeWear

I got to this Uniqlo CM from that article I just mentioned, and like it for the Tokyo settings you see in the background — even though it is kinda weird that all the featured models are non-Japanese.

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Auto Panther CM


Here’s a beautifully animated commercial for Japanese car dealer Auto Panther created by Shinji Hashimoto (he worked on all of Satoshi Kon’s films). Found via Cartoon Brew.

Food Web

Nissin Chicken Ramen CM

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 23.30.24

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an intense and epic commercial for instant ramen. Nissin bringing it to the next level.