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  • Codex 37

    The first episode of the Codex (37) I record in a month (since my data loss) is now up. It’s mostly songs I needed to get back, and then a couple of tracks from that great Nevermind cover album that SPIN magazine released to mark the 20th anniversary of the album.

  • Codex 36

    A new episode of the Codex is up (36), and it features a bunch of tracks from artists who are participating in this year’s edition of Sappyfest, an annual indie music festival held in the town of Sackville, Canada, a 20-minute drive from my hometown of Moncton.

  • Codex 35

    Not only did I start the month early with a new episode of the Codex — episode 34 — I’m trying to keep the momentum going with another episode already recorded, 35, that you can download here.

  • Codex 34

    Kicking off a new month of Codex shows quickly with a new episode (34) that’s already up.

  • Codex 33

    A new episode of the Codex (33) is up, another entry in the alphabet series. And while I have your attention, let me mention that this Wednesday (June 29) is PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 83 at SuperDeluxe, and it’s looking like a great lineup. 

  • Codex 32

    A new episode of the Codex (32) is up, for your listening pleasure — a mix of old and new, with a bit of concentrated nerdiness at the end.

  • Codex 31

    A new episode of the Codex is up (31), for your listening pleasure. In it I play a track from the new record by Salyu x Salyu, produced by Cornelius, which I’m hopelessly in love with right now.

  • Tightening the Belt

    Maybe “Tightening the Belt” is not really the best way to describe what I’ve been doing of late, but I am on a trajectory to make my online presence a bit leaner (and maybe even a bit meaner). As I announced a week ago, I’ve put SNOW Magazine on indefinite hiatus, and I’ve done the…

  • Codex 29 and 30

    It’s a double dose of Codex episodes tonight, recorded back-to-back. First is 29, a regular show, and then 30, which is the all jazz show I’ve been promising to do.

  • SNOW Magazine on Indefinite Hiatus

    As you’ll notice if you visit SNOW Magazine right now, I’ve decided to put the site on indefinite hiatus. I’ve been quite embarrassed by the lack of updates to the site over the last few months, and I think it’s just better to have it go on leave for a while, instead of the lame…