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My buddy CheapyD uncovered this old photo of us, posing with Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth, at an event in Tokyo back in 2009 (CGM Night, which had to do with online content creation, but I can’t remember what the “CGM” stood for). I just find it funny to be described as a “Charisma blogger.”

Update: Found my original post about the event.


Good Ideas Salon Tokyo

PSFK is hosting a Good Ideas Salon in Tokyo next week (October 20, from 18:30) at Claska, featuring the topic of “Pure Living” and two loaded panels: Marc Alt, Mark Dytham, Peter Rojas, and PSFK founder Piers Fawkes in the first part, followed by Rie Azuma, Jun Ishida, Hiromi Matsubara, and Danny Choo in the second. You’ll find more details and links for the event here, which is where you go to RSVP (although entry is free).

I was supposed to be involved with this but had to turn it down because of my ongoing health issues, but look forward to attending.

Tokyo Walking

Tokyo Realtime Akihabara

It’s been a long time coming, but White Rabbit Press has finally released the second volume in its Tokyo Realtime audio tour series, this time covering Akihabara. The tour is currently available as a digital download — for $12, with a sample available on the official site — and the full print package will be coming out within the next few weeks.

The tour is hosted by otaku master — and The Otaku Encyclopedia author — Patrick W. Galbraith, and also features contributions by a host of otaku culture-related names you’ll recognize, including Patrick Macias and Danny Choo.

As I wrote for the Kabukicho tour, this is an absolutely terrific way to take in these areas. More than just a voice guiding you through the streets, spots, and stores, each tour features sound and music elements that help put everything in the proper context.