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Shiny Shiny 2&3

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Another entry I quite enjoyed from the Dotmov festival is the music video for Chikyunokiki’s “Shiny Shiny 2&3,” which takes inspiration from classic shooter Xevious. It was directed by Patanica, who also directed Qrion‘s “Crystal” music video I mentioned last month.

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Controller of Controller

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Yesterday I wrote about this year’s edition of the Dotmov digital film festival, and I just watched one of the entries which I quite enjoyed, Controller of Controller. Directed by Densuke28, it’s an Inception-like experience of a player playing a game, and then playing a game within that game (see, told you it was Inception-like). It also features a great soundtrack by Takaaki Kawai.

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Dotmov Festival 2016


As I go through my site’s archives, I’m reminded of how much I loved annual digital short film festivals — like Resfest and Onedotzero. Most of these don’t exist anymore, but one that still continues with its annual showing is Shift magazine‘s Dotmov, with the 2016 edition about to hit the road. Although the best experience remains attending one in a hall/theater with an audience, a great development that’s happened over the years is that you can now watch all of these online as well (you’ll find links to all of this year’s Dotmov films here).