Tag: Gallery

  • Artless Craft Tea & Coffee

    The Artless design agency has opened a new office/gallery/cafe in Nakameguro (a move from the previously smaller space they occupied in Harajuku) and it looks like a stunning space (see photos in this Spoon & Tamago post). The gallery is strangely by appointment only, but the cafe is open to all, and specializes in both coffee…

  • Kiyohiko Azuma

    The urban cityscapes of artist Kiyohiko Azuma are simply fantastic — take a look at this gallery. Found via this tweet.

  • 100 Views of Tokyo

    100 Views of Tokyo looks like a beautiful book featuring lovely illustrations of the megapolis by Shinji Tsuchimochi. The bilingual book also includes maps of the various areas — take a look at this page for more details. They’re also having an exhibition of works from the book at Shikaku gallery/select shop in Osaka (the…

  • Azito

    Azito is an online gallery that deals with sales of Japanese contemporary art worlwide, including works by the likes of Takashi Homma, Kenji Yanobe, and Keiichi Tanaami. Pictured above, “New Waves,” a print by Homma.

  • TokyoMade Market Vol. 3

    TokyoMade is hosting another weeklong market event (Vol. 3), again at the Mememachine gallery in Shibuya. The TokyoMade Market is a nomadic gathering of Japan-based art and design. An extension of the online store, theTokyoMade Market is an opportunity for designers and artists to share their latest work and sale items. A pop-up event that…

  • Tanada Piece Gallery

    Beautiful new gallery in the city of Kyotanabe (near Kyoto) called Tanada Piece Gallery, featuring a rice field-inspired interior by Japanese architecture studio Geneto.

  • Yuka Contemporary

    A bit late on this — got lost in my “things to post” list — but last month TABlog covered the opening of the new Yuka Contemporary gallery. It’s located in a neighborhood around Waseda University — so just a bike ride away from my house — that used to be known for washi production.…

  • Ryue Nishizawa Collaborates with Nagai Garou

    Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA) has designed a bulging front window for the recently opened Nagai Garou gallery space in Ginza. Via Spoon & Tamago.