Art Events

Celebrating 5 Years of TAB

This past Saturday’s 5th anniversary party for Tokyo Art Beat at SuperDeluxe was indeed a blast, and to my absolute surprise I actually won the raffle — I swear, I never win anything. The prize was a pink basket filled with all sorts of goodies, and was handed to me by TAB’s Paul Baron and World of Golden Eggs creator Masashi “Larry” Oiwa (that’s us three above, with the shorty, me, in the middle). My wife is an absolute fan of Golden Eggs — she even watches those “Heidi” shorts they created for Nissan over and over — so was pretty jealous when I told her who handed me the prize.

The entire evening was good fun, with Ian Lynam and Mari Kojima kicking the jams with crazy dance moves in the guises of their new unit, Mammal. Below, Paul and me getting a little closer. Photos are courtesy of Xin Tahara.