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Chances are you’ve already noticed the tweets and a few posts last week, but yes, I was very happy to see the new CNNGo site go in public beta mode last week. Although it may come off at first as just a new travel portal, the audience for the site are really the expats, the people already living in those cities looking to get more out of them. Of course, anyone passing through will also get a lot out of the site, it just means that the content doesn’t tend to be overly touristy.

The site is currently Asia-only, covering the following cities: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, and of course, Tokyo. That last one is edited by one W. David Marx, and a look at the list of contributors will immediately reveal a lot of names regular readers of this site will surely recognize (Matt Alt, Patrick Macias, and many more). I’ve contributed as well — one of my pieces is on my fave burgers in town — and look forward to writing more for the site.

Events Meta

PauseTalk Returns in November

Posting this again for those who missed it earlier this week: due to my continuing health issues, I’m going to have to cancel the planned October edition of PauseTalk, which was set to take place this coming Monday (5th). The next edition will happen in November, probably on the second Monday (November 9), so as not to coincide with Tokyo Design Week.


Rolling Stone

So get this, as if an injured spine wasn’t enough, now I get diagnosed with a kidney stone. Luckily it’s a relatively small one (2-3mm) so is supposed to disintegrate by itself, but along with the waiting process goes a lot of water drinking and some very painful interludes — pain medicine for the win.

But all of this, mixed with some serious stomach issues, means that I’m going ahead and cancelling next week’s PauseTalk — I just don’t have the energy or drive for it. Apologies to everyone who was hoping to attend, it should be back in November.

Design Meta

New Season, New Look

If you’re reading this through a feed reader — and based on my stats, most of you are — clicking through to the site will reveal something a bit different. Truth be told, I’ve hated the look of this site for quite a while. I started planning for a change back in January, but a mix of being too busy and a touch of laziness meant that those changes were a long time in coming.

For the first time since I started blogging back in September 2002 — or rather, since I started writing online using a proper blogging system — I’ve taken the route of modifying an existing WordPress theme instead of building something from scratch. The theme in question is Derek Punsalan’s Grid Focus. I wanted something simple and stark, and so used Grid Focus as the skeleton, and then stripped things down and modified it until I ended up with something I could live with. I’ll still be tweaking things over the weeks to come — and I have to say, I’m loving the simplicity of WordPress widgets — but it should at least be functioning properly. Another thing I want to do is move away from categories and start embracing tagging, which is something I should have done ages ago. I also need to clean up the old categories.

If you look at the sidebars, you’ll also notice a new logo for PauseTalk. It’s another thing I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now — I think I’ve finally overdosed on Helvetica — and the next step will be to update the PauseTalk site proper. The typeface used for the logo is Jos Buivenga’s Calluna. The main inspiration for contracting “PauseTalk” to “PSTLK” was that I wanted the ligature to appear.

This also marks the first step in some major changes I have planned with my online activities, and here’s hoping that it won’t take as long to get that project up and running as it did to update this site.