Tag: Music Video

  • A la mode

    I’m new to the Tweedees, but I’m super in love with their new single, “A la mode.” They just released a new mini album, also called A la mode, and have released two albums previously, and I’m going to need to track them down. Via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

  • Brand New Emo

    I’m so in love with the video for Towa Tei‘s “Brand New Emo” track, featuring the Mizuhara Sisters. Found via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

  • The Power of Women

    Sure, this may be an elaborate commercial for sweets, but at the same it’s a really fun “sort of” music video that reveals the power Japanese women have over men — or rather, how easy Japanese men are manipulated. Via this tweet.

  • Lyrical School

    I have a thing for female rapping in Japanese — it’s a sound I really love, starting with Halcali, and followed by a few artists since. I’m not in love with all of their songs, but there’s something neat about the hip-hop idol group Lyrical School, who are about to release their first major label album,…

  • Shiny Shiny 2&3

    Another entry I quite enjoyed from the Dotmov festival is the music video for Chikyunokiki’s “Shiny Shiny 2&3,” which takes inspiration from classic shooter Xevious. It was directed by Patanica, who also directed Qrion‘s “Crystal” music video I mentioned last month.

  • Crystal

    I quite like the music coming from Qrion — who hails from Hokkaido — and here she is with a new music video, for the track “Crystal.” Some of you may remember this Vine video that featured her playing a track with a Legend of Zelda sample.

  • TV Show

    “TV Show,” a great little animated music video for Takayuki Manabe, directed by Kousuke Sugimoto. Via Blitblit.

  • Plum Song

    Omodaka‘s “Plum Song” video, directed by Teppei Maki.