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Artless Craft Tea & Coffee

The Artless design agency has opened a new office/gallery/cafe in Nakameguro (a move from the previously smaller space they occupied in Harajuku) and it looks like a stunning space (see photos in this Spoon & Tamago post). The gallery is strangely by appointment only, but the cafe is open to all, and specializes in both coffee and green tea.

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Blue Bottle Coffee Nakameguro Cafe


Not only has Blue Bottle Coffee opened up a new cafe in Tokyo — in Nakameguro no less — but it was designed by one of my favorite studios, Schemata Architects. They’ve posted plenty of photos that show off the interior, which on top of the cafe includes space for offices and a training area.

Music Stores



A shop that specializes in cassette tapes? Of course there’s one in Tokyo — uncover more about Waltz (located in Nakameguro) in this Spoon & Tamago post. Gotta love that wall of boomboxes to the side. I think the cassette I listened to the most — to the point of breaking it — was the James Bond: 13 Original Themes tape (this one).


No Burritos, No Life

Let me say something about burritos. Having grown up in Eastern Canada, I did NOT have access to any quality Mexican food — or basically ANY Mexican food — and it was only after I left my hometown that it was introduced to a few restaurants (of the chain variety). Now I’m not trying to say that whatever it is I get here in Tokyo compares to anything from the Americas, but a few years ago I developed a rather strong love affair with the chimichanga at Junkadelic in Nakameguro, and today I was just reminded of my love for the burrito after a lunch with my buddy CheapD at Frijoles in Azabu-Juban. The place also gets extra stars for their chips and guacamole (both made on the premises), and the availability of root beer (oh yes, root beer).

I’ve been hearing good things about the burritos at the fairly recently opened LIBRE shop in Aoyama — mostly from my friend Ryan, who usually picks one up on his way to my place for our Friday game nights — and I think I’m going to have to partake in one of those as soon as I can.

I need more burritos in my life.

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Coming up at the Kakitsubata gallery in Nakameguro is the show “Kodai,” running from November 25 until December 6.