Dangen Entertainment

One of the fantastic things to come out of this year’s BitSummit was the reveal of Dangen Entertainment, a new indie publisher/facilitator that includes a bunch of people I really like (Ben Judd, John Davis, Nayan Ramachandran). Their site is quite nice and gives you a good look at the titles they’re launching with, and there’s a great IGN profile that explains quite nicely what they’re hoping to achieve. Very happy to see something like this happen, and to see the continuing effects of BitSummit in pushing the indie gaming scene in Japan to new levels.

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Astro Boy: Edge of Time


I wrote about my experience playing the demo that was released alongside the just-launched Kickstarter campaign for the Astro Boy: Edge of Time digital card game, but I wanted to bring it up here as well as a project that I want to highlight. I liked the demo (more of a tech test of the gameplay) and really hope the game gets funded so we get to play the whole thing. Also, my friend Nayan Ramachandran of Playism is heavily involved in the project (he’s working on the story aspect of the game), and he even pops up a bit in the Kickstarter video. I love Tezuka Osamu’s creations — I watched a lot of the Astro Boy anime when I was a kid — and want to see what they’re going to do here, bringing all these characters together in one world.