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Operation Olympiad

Operation Olympiad is a beautiful hand-stitched book by Alessandro Perini┬áthat takes a look at how Tokyo and Japan approached the 1940 Olympic Games. It’s part of the “Missing Games Project,” and you’ll find a video flip-through here. Found via Canvas.

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Tokyo Section of the Rio Paralympics Closing Ceremonies


I just watched the Tokyo section of the closing ceremonies for the Rio Paralympics, and wow, it was even better than the one that was presented at the end of the regular Olympics. Again produced by Shiina Ringo, it just feels more stylish, includes AyaBambi, and ends with a cover of Pizzicato Five’s “Tokyo wa Yoru no Shichiji.” Fantastic. Found via Patrick’s tweet. Here’s also a higher def version.

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The 1964 Olympics Uniforms


As part of his “Ametora Extended” collection of online essays, David has just posted a new piece that takes a look at the controversy surrounding efforts to determine who exactly designed the Japanese uniforms — mainly comprised of those iconic red blazers you see pictured) — for the 1964 Olympics. It’s an interesting read, especially in revealing how collaborative an effort it probably ended up being.

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Neo Tokyo 2020


When it was announced that the Olympics were going to be held in Tokyo in 2020, it didn’t take long for references to Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira to pop up, considering that’s exactly what was predicted to happen in the series (published in the 80s). Here’s a beautiful graphic treatment by Javier Gonz├ílez Delgado, inspired by Akira. I’d wear that as a tee.