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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Yup, this is far from being a new game – it came out for the 3DS in 2012 – but I found myself in a 3DS playing mood of late, getting back into playing Fire Emblem Awakening (that I had never finished, and decided to start up a new game), and wanting to play something else as well I decided to give this a try. First off, I hadn’t realized that it was developed by Intelligent Systems (who develop Fire Emblem titles), and so that was a nice coincidence and surprise (and embarrassing to admit, since it’s something I should have known). As for the game itself, man, what a fun time. I’ve never played much of Paper Mario for some reason, even though it’s an aesthetic I quite like (especially the papercraft environments in Sticker Star), and I’m having an absolute blast playing this, pretty much my first Paper Mario experience (I sorta remember playing a bit of the N64 one, but not much). I’ve been playiny daily during my lunch breaks and at night since I started, and now it has me pretty excited to play the new one that recently came out on Wii U.