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  • Record Store Day 2017

    Today (Saturday, April 22) is Record Store Day, and as you’d expect, over at Tokyo’s Coolest Sound, Patrick has put together a massive post highlighting all of the best releases you should be on the lookout for in Japan.

  • Pizzicato Related

    Patrick’s Tokyo’s Coolest Sound site has a few Pizzicato Five-related updates, including a new 7″ singles collection called Ace that is curated by Yasuharu Konishi (including the P5 singles pictured), some new singles by Maki Nomiya that are accompanied by a couple of events, and a new remaster of Pizzicato Five’s Pizzicatomania. It’s a stereoscopic sound spectacular!

  • The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert

    Patrick’s Tokyo’s Coolest Sound blog has all the details on the new CD/DVD compilation of the anniversary concert that was held for the Legend of Zelda series last year (which I know a few friends had the great luck to attend, bastards).

  • Borderless Cafe

    Borderless Cafe is another site to add to your “Tokyo Cafe Hunting” folder — come on, we all have one, right? I especially like the posts under the “tokoyocoffeescene” tag. Thanks go out to Patrick Benny for the heads-up on this one.

  • Emo

    Tokyo’s Coolest Sound has news that Towa Tei is releasing a new album on March 22, called Emo. It features tons of guests — including his supergroup Metafive. You’ll find all the details in this post.

  • Family Swing

    YMCK have a new album coming out this month, called Family Swing, and it sees the band get a bit jazzier than usual (without losing their chiptune touch). Patrick shares all the details in this post, which includes a video trailer for the album.

  • Record Day 2016

    The West has Record Store Day, but for Japan, November 3 is “Record Day,” and for this year’s edition, Patrick shares some of his picks of special vinyl releases — you’ll find the full list of releases here.

  • Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa

    Issue 8 of Singles Club — a fantastic subscription service I’m just discovering that releases vinyl singles that have a track on one side, and an interview with the creators talking about the project on the other — features a collaboration between Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa, and you can listen to a track (“Payapaya”)…

  • Tokyo Section of the Rio Paralympics Closing Ceremonies

    I just watched the Tokyo section of the closing ceremonies for the Rio Paralympics, and wow, it was even better than the one that was presented at the end of the regular Olympics. Again produced by Shiina Ringo, it just feels more stylish, includes AyaBambi, and ends with a cover of Pizzicato Five’s “Tokyo wa…

  • Shibuya no Radio no Shibuya-kei

    As I’ve been deep diving back into the world of Shibuya-kei — the soundtrack to my world during my first few years of living in Tokyo — I was ecstatic to find out (via Patrick) that earlier this year, Maki Nomiya and Hideki Kaji started doing a weekly radio show called Shibuya no Radio no…