Nem is a fantastic artist who mainly draws pixel art. She just launched a Patreon, that you can check out here. As she explains, “I have social anxiety, so it is hard for me to do work outside,” and this is a way to try and bring in some extra income.

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Motocross Saito


I really love the animated pixel art of Motocross Saito, like the scene pictured (view the animated GIF). There’s more to see here.

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Pixel Art Park 3


Do you have a thing for pixel art? If so, then boy do I have the exhibition for you. “Pixel Art Park 3” looks to be a fantastic celebration¬†of all things prettily pixelized, and it’s taking place at the always interesting 3331 Arts Chiyoda¬†space (September 9, 2016). Fans of Lexaloffle‘s PICO-8 fantasy console should also note that Joseph will be taking part, showcasing PICO-8 on his trusty 7″ TV.