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Auto Panther CM


Here’s a beautifully animated commercial for Japanese car dealer Auto Panther created by Shinji Hashimoto (he worked on all of Satoshi Kon’s films). Found via Cartoon Brew.

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The History of Japanese Beauty


The History of Japanese Beauty” is a stylishly produced video created by students from Nara University that highlights the beauty of Japanese fashion through the ages, from the Jomon period to now. They also produced this “making of” video.

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Rodney Fun Shop


Want to get some lovely Parappa the Rapper and Rodney goods? The Rodney Fun Shop (or RodneyFun.Com Shop) is there for you, jam packed with all manner of merch covered with the art of Rodney Alan Greenblat’s characters. So much stuff I’d love to get here.

And speaking of these characters, a new series of animated shorts called PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya-Munya debuted in August.