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  • Le coeur qui jazze

    This video by Les 5-4-3-2-1 is so my jam. Via this post on Patrick’s Tokyo’s Coolest Sound blog.

  • Everyday Washing Machines

    Using Perfume to sell Panasonic washing machines (the track used, “Everyday,” is coming out as a b-side single soon). Via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

  • A la mode

    I’m new to the Tweedees, but I’m super in love with their new single, “A la mode.” They just released a new mini album, also called A la mode, and have released two albums previously, and I’m going to need to track them down. Via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

  • Playgirl Dai Makyou

    Kinoco Hotel have a 10th album coming out that’s a compilation of past tracks (with one new track), and I just love the covers. Here’s also a great video for the track “Atashi no Sniper (Short Version).” I’ve seen them at least a couple of times live at SuperDeluxe, and they give an awesome show.…

  • Brand New Emo

    I’m so in love with the video for Towa Tei‘s “Brand New Emo” track, featuring the Mizuhara Sisters. Found via Tokyo’s Coolest Sound.

  • Record Store Day 2017

    Today (Saturday, April 22) is Record Store Day, and as you’d expect, over at Tokyo’s Coolest Sound, Patrick has put together a massive post highlighting all of the best releases you should be on the lookout for in Japan.

  • Vacances Shibuya-kei

    Maki Nomiya is releasing a new record in her “Shibuya-kei Standards” series, in which she covers classics of the era — including some new renditions of Pizzicato Five track — and this one is perfectly timed for the summer. Vacances Shibuya-kei o utau – Wonderful Summer is set for release on May 3, and you’ll…

  • Are Euphoria

    What’s Takako Minekawa up to these days? She’s about to release yet another collaboration record with Dustin Wong, entitled Are Euphoria — the track “Zaaab” is pretty fantastic. More details in this Tokyo’s Coolest Sound listing.

  • Why Is Yasuharu Konishi’s Drama BGM Often Used in Variety Shows?

    The title of this post is literally the name of the new compilation that brings together highlights from Yasuharu Konishi’s drama soundtrack work over the past decade — the joke is that it often ends up being used as background music in variety shows as well. I quite like the Debusen soundtrack he did last year…

  • Pizzicato Related

    Patrick’s Tokyo’s Coolest Sound site has a few Pizzicato Five-related updates, including a new 7″ singles collection called Ace that is curated by Yasuharu Konishi (including the P5 singles pictured), some new singles by Maki Nomiya that are accompanied by a couple of events, and a new remaster of Pizzicato Five’s Pizzicatomania. It’s a stereoscopic sound spectacular!