Ramen Madness

OK, now I’m really getting upset. I’ve been trying to go to one of my favorite ramen shops here in Ikebukuro for 3 days now and I’m constantly confronted with insane lines of people. This is just nuts! We usually make it a habit of going for a bowl of ramen on the first of the year, and this time there was only one shop open (Komen, my favorite shop) and we would certainly have had to wait at least an hour (lots of emphasis on the “at least”). Today all the shops were open (except one, Santouka), but we were just not up to waiting in line in the amazingly cold weather that we’re having right now (it’s 0 right now, and I woke up to a thin coat of snow, which you’ll see later in today’s pic).

All I want is a tasty bowl of steaming ramen. Is that too much to ask? I’m crossing my fingers for tomorrow, although I can’t see it getting much better on a Saturday.