Sorry for the lack of a new picture today, but I had to leave home really early this morning (well, early for me anyways, meaning around 10) to go to Shibuya to take care of my visa renewal. It’s something I always dread, as it never goes smoothly, and is was of course the same this year. After waiting 30 minutes for my number to come up, I was then told that I “of course” needed quite a few more documents, which weren’t indicated anywere. Aaargghh. It was still a good day though as I was then off to meet Jason in Aoyama for lunch. I had some time to spare before meeting up with him, so I walked over to Harajuku, checked out Cat Street (very fashionable area with lots of very hip stores), and then made my way to the Aoyama Book Center, a place I’d wanted to check out for a while now. You gotta love a place that stacks all the cool design magazines near the entrance, catching your eye as you walk on. I picked up a few back issues of MINIMIX that I was missing. Then it was off to meet Jason and have a lunch at a nice place called 66 Modern, where I had a delicious pork donburi (a donburi is a meal on rice). I still had a bit of time before heading out to work, so we stopped at A Bathing Ape’s Milo store, which is more of a design showcase – and an amazing showcase at that, really something you have to see – than a regular shop (they only sell a few figures of Milo, and some baby sized t-shirts), and Final Home. Final Home has a cool concept where all the clothes are designed with a sort of netting inside, that lets you pile stuff to keep yourself warm, sort of like what homeless people do. I was intrigued by this 3-way shoe they had that easily converts to a sandal, without removing anything. I wants me some of those.