The picture that you see today (030207) shows the way in to A Bathing Ape’s Milo store, which is located under BAPE Cuts in Aoyama. As you go in (I’ll have a picture of the doors on Monday, which are mirrored, with a huge Milo in the design, and slide open) you walk down these stairs that have rows of little Milos on both sides (you can see the reflection of the other side over the glass). As you reach the bottom, you enter a circular room, with a huge merry-go-round in the middle featuring Milos riding horses (like the doll you see in the picture, but huge). There is a circular seating around the merry-go-round, and a few display cases with dolls, pins, keychains, and a few shirts. Definitely a store to check out if you’re in Tokyo.