Edo-Tokyo Museum

What you see pictured today (030303) is the Edo-Tokyo Museum, which I had the pleasure of visiting on Sunday. I’d heard of it before, but never really felt like going until I saw it featured on a TV show (SmaSTATION, which had a segment with Shingo Katori taking a bus tour of Tokyo with foreigners). The place is massive, and it feels like you’re walking into a huge warehouse (and the thing is up in the air, like you see in the pic). Inside you get lifesize reconstructions of certain monuments, as well as tons of cool things to see, including lots of miniatures (which I really enjoy). Even though we were there for 3 hours, I still didn’t have time to completely see everything, rushing through the whole Tokyo period, because the place was closing. I’ll definitely go again, and at only 600 yen, it’s a steal.

The other day I realized that I can now put my hair in a pony tail. I haven’t had hair that long since my first year of university (1991-92). It isn’t even something I was planning, but I’m just really lazy when it comes to getting haircuts. Some friends of mine from back home wanted photographic evidence, which is what you’re getting in tomorrow’s pic (030304).