Today is actually the first really nice day that makes it feel like Spring has finally arrived. It’s not very warm, maybe around 12 or 13 degrees, but it just feels like a nice day, and I have the windows in the apartment open. They’re saying it’s going to get as warm as 17 tomorrow, so let’s hope that this is a sign that the cold is finally on its way out.

I usually don’t put up any pictures during the weekend, but those pics I took yesterday from the TV just seemed like they would make for an interesting log entry.

Next week is mostly off for me, as it marks the end of the school year, and most of my schools are done (they start again first week of April). I have to work tomorrow, but I only have 2 classes to teach, which will make for a very short workday. On Wednesday I’ll probably have to give 2-3 demonstration classes at a new school I’m taking over in April. On Tuesday I’m planning on meeting up with Jason to distribute some issues of Tokyo Scene, and then we’ll check out the Milky Hips exhibit. I imagine we’ll also be on the lookout for anything else that looks interesting, be it shop or cafe.

The sakura (cherry blossoms) should finally start appearing next week. Tokyo is going to be very, very pink all of a sudden.