It’s Sunday, it’s sunny out, if a bit windy. I think today will be the last day that I’ll keep the sakura version of the site up. I’m sort of getting sick of the pink. Everything will be back to the original scheme tomorrow. I’ll probably play around with the colors again in a few weeks, maybe for the first week of May, which marks the Golden Week holiday here in Japan (one week off from work).

Tomorrow is Astro Boy’s birthday, and this morning on Fuji TV they started airing the new Astro Boy series. It was at 9:30, so I wasn’t up to watch it, but I’ll probably start taping it next week (I’ve already seen the pilot as a special on New Year’s Day). The beginning of April marks a new TV season in Japan (TV seasons are 13 weeks in Japan, and at the end of each one you get a whole bunch of specials, be it extended versions of regular shows, or something totally new) and there are quite a few animations starting that I want to check out. One show that looks really promising is called LAST EXILE. From the TV commercial I saw, the look of it is quite mesmerizing. Just this week I started watching NARUTO (Wednesdays at 19:30 on TV Tokyo), which I’ve been enjoying as a manga in SHONEN JUMP. Tonight they’re showing a one-hour ONE PIECE special (another favorite from SHONEN JUMP). Last night was the 2 and a half hour special of MECHA IKE, one of my favorite shows, starring comedy duo 99. In it, they had all the members of uber-idol group Morning Musume write 7th grade tests in various subjects to see who is the most stupid of them. Poor little Tsuji-chan was crowned bakajo (stupid girl). Here’s how she wrote the numbers from 1 to 10 in English: on, to, sre, fo, fain, sox, sev, ei, nai, and ten. Well, she got one right!