I’m so tired right now, and I have a huge headache. Today was my long day (6 classes), and it really took its toll on me. I was too tired to cook anything, so I just heated up a couple of Pogo sticks (yup, they have them in Japan too). I just came out of a steaming hot bath, and it’s helped a bit.

The good news though is that they tried to deliver my Takashi Miike t-shirt today. That’s pretty fast service as I did the bank transfer on Monday. Bank transfers are how most people pay for mail order or online things in Japan. With my account at Shinsei Bank, I can even do a transfer from my computer at home, with no fees. Unfortunately, this is only for bank accounts in Japan. Wish it would be that easy to transfer money to other countries.

Also, I think I’m about ready to get work done on a new issue of GEISHA. I’ll probably work on it this weekend.