Gyoza Stadium

My friend Patrick came over to Ikebukuro for a visit yesterday, and since he had some free passes to go to the Gyoza Stadium, that’s where we went. The Gyoza Stadium is sort of theme park for gyoza (pictured above), like the ramen museum in Yokohama, and collects about 12 famous gyoza shops in a 60s style downtown Tokyo setting. The gyoza we had were definitely delicious.

mikeyAfter that we came back to my place, and watched DVDs of the OH! MIKEY series that he brought with him. This show is insane, and stars the Fuccoon family, an American family that have come to live in Japan. Oh, and by the way, every character is a mannequin. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Last thing, I just read that the Ikebukuro branch of Junkudo, the big bookstore about a minute from my apartment where I always go to read magazines, is actually one of the biggest bookstores in the world! They maintain a stock of 1.5 million books.