Just took a hot bath with the window open, which I like doing because it makes me feel like I’m at a rotenburo. I especially like it when there’s violent weather outside (Tokyo is being hit by a typhoon, it rained all day and now it’s really windy). There’s something I like about feeling very […]

Based on a Moblog

I’ve been meaning to mention Based On A Moblog for a while now. I really like the way the pics are presented by themselves in a big block, with no accompanying text. Nice and simple.


Today I turned 30. Just enjoyed a bottle of Chardonnay, accompanied by some delicious cheese and a fresh baguette from Donq. Also played a shitload of SUPER MONKEY BALL 2 on my GameCube. How old am I again?

Fantagraphics Books in Trouble

Fantagraphics Books, better known for underground classics like the Hernandez Bros. LOVE AND ROCKETS and Peter Bagge’s HATE, are in financial trouble because of the bankrupty of their former distributor, and they need help. Help them by buying some of their excellent offerings, which you can do directly from their website. For those in Japan, […]


Yuko was checking out an online message board where people mostly sell and trade things, and she saw one post about a guy requesting help finding the real Dragonballs that will permit him to embark on a world journey. Some of the replies continued with people suggesting places in Yokohama where his hunt could begin. […]


Just a note about the Toshimaen park wich I mentioned in a previous entry. I found out that it’s just another lame amusement park. There are some hot springs, but most of the water attractions are just water slides and such. This is definitely not an example of what I was thinking when talking about […]