Fantagraphics Books in Trouble

Fantagraphics Books, better known for underground classics like the Hernandez Bros. LOVE AND ROCKETS and Peter Bagge’s HATE, are in financial trouble because of the bankrupty of their former distributor, and they need help. Help them by buying some of their excellent offerings, which you can do directly from their website. For those in Japan, you can order from Amazon Japan, which offers free shipping as usual for orders over 1500 yen. I’ve just ordered Daniel Clowes‘ LIKE A VELVET GLOVE CAST IN IRON, Peter Bagge‘s BUDDY BITES THE BULLET (collects the last five issues of the now retired HATE series), and QUIMBY THE MOUSE by Chris Ware (author who caused quite a stir in the graphic novel world with the release of his JIMMY CORRIGAN book).

ALERT: It seems that the only way to really help out Fantagraphics is by ordering directly from their website. Ordering from places like Amazon will just get you books that are already in their warehouses, and they got them from the distributor that went bankrupt.