Final Day

Yesterday was the final day of my holidays, and as you can see by all the updates I did during the day in my moblog, we spent the afternoon in Aoyama. The main reason for going was to eat some tonkatsu (fried pork) at one of my favorite restaurants, Maisen. As we were approaching the restaurant, Yuko points to me that actress/singer/model Miki Nakatani is walking by. A few seconds later, Yuko decides to run up to her to say hello. The story with Nakatani that Patrick was refering to in a comment he made is that she used to date a French guy who was good friends with a pianist from my teeny tiny hometown in Canada (little old Moncton, New Brunswick, with a population of about 100 000). Nakatani once accompanied her boyfriend to Moncton for a visit of said pianist. Yuko mentioned this to her, and she was all smiles and remembered the visit, and said that she needed to get in touch with him again. So that’s the story.

The tonkatsu was absolutely delicious, as always. We then got some lattes at the Dragonfly cafe, which I love for its tiny terrace that gives you a nice tree-filled view of one of the Aoyama back streets.