Roppongi Hills

It’s been quiet in this main blog column for the past 2 days, but you can see that I’ve still been active if you follow the Tokyo Boy moblog. On Saturday, after having to get up early for a meeting (we have Saturday morning meetings at my workplace every 3-4 months), me and Yuko decided to finally check out the new Roppongi Hills “city.”

We arrived through Roppongi station on Hibiya line, which has a connecting tunnel to the new complex. As you arrive and exit to the grounds by taking the main escalator (that you can see in the moblog) the feeling you get is that you’re entering a giant adult theme park, including music playing in the background (composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto no less). It is quite impressive, all these new glass buildings. I never go to Roppongi, so I don’t know how long the site has looked like this, but for me it was quite suprising as I wasn’t really expecting something this massive. But as much as the outside look is interesting, I found that the interiors just didn’t match up and were quite disapointing. Just your typical mall interior. One nice thing is that everything is very spaced out, but at the same time it makes for a lot of walking, and a lot of confusion (more than once I had no idea where I was, and had to find maps of the place, which are thankfully pretty much everywhere).

It was fun to see, and I did pick up a few things at Village Vanguard (a store I like that sells a lot of, well, “stuff”) and at the Art & Design store. Don’t know if it’s a place I’ll be wanting to go often, but it will probably make for some fun outings every once in a while, especially if they get some interesting exhibits at the Mori museum.