And for fans of the modern architecture that’s popping up around town (like the new Prada building in Aoyama), you could do worse then check out the SANAA exhibit at Gallery MA. Again, from REALTOKYO:

SANAA is the name of the collaboration project by Sejima Kazuyo and Nishizawa Ryue, that was set up after Nishizawa left Sejima’s office in 1997. Even though they both run their own companies now, both architects are still actively working together as SANAA in such large-scale projects as the “21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa” (Ishikawa), the “Dior Building” (Tokyo), or most recently “ISSEY MIYAKE” inside Roppongi Hills. This exhibition focuses on plans that are currently in progress, whereas the point that it illustrates how the two collaborators’ work flows look like in detail is what makes the event especially attractive. As a chance to observe the backside of collaborative operation, it’s also recommended to catch the lecture at Tsuda Hall on 6/4.