Aux Bacchanales

I just learned from Lil’s blog that Harajuku mainstay Aux Bacchanales is closing this Sunday:

While I almost never post about what’s happening in my daily life, I feel compelled to note my sadness that Aux Bacchanales (on Meiji Dori in Harajuku), my favourite Sunday morning cafe for a scrumptious chocolate brioche or an almond and chocolate croissant, had with the best cafe au lait in Tokyo, is closing its doors for good this coming Sunday. The building that houses Aux Bach is being torn down because the owners claim it is “too old”…if it were 100 years old, I could understand that, but at just over 30 years, is that really “old”?!!

I didn’t go there often, but still enjoyed a good pastry and coffee every once in a while. It was especially enjoyable because of the huge outdoor terrace (a rarity in Tokyo, and something I really miss from my years in Montreal). Shit.