iChat AV

I’m obviously very excited by all the Apple announcements from yesterday’s keynote by Steve Jobs, and one of the coolest things to come out of it (and that I can play with right now) is the new iChat AV. I unfortunately don’t know many people with Macs that run iChat, but I just tested it over the Airport network in my apartment between my iBook and iMac, and it works beautifully and elegantly. The two computers recognized each other because of Rendezvous, and then me and Yuko were talking over our computers in different rooms. This of course works over the Internet. Also, I plugged my MiniDV camera in my iMac, and I’m now ready to do some video conferencing also.

How can anybody not want a Mac? I’ll be bringing over my iBook to Canada when I go in August, and I’ll definitely be trying to convince anyone and everyone I know that they’re life is not complete without a Mac.

Oh, and it’s also nice to be browsing with the official 1.0 release of Safari, my browser of choice. Now all I need is one of them new G5 PowerMacs…