Design Cities

I was just at Junkudo, checking out some magazines, and picked up the latest issue of the North American version of SHONEN JUMP. I was in the travel book section and found these absolutely beautiful books that looked at London and Paris (more cities are coming, they mentioned Barcelona and Amsterdam) from a design perspective. The design of the books themselves is gorgeous, as well as all the photography. Even though I’m not planning on going to those cities anytime soon (but London would be nice sometime next year), I want to get these books just to admire the pictures and read the descriptions. The title was something like LONDON STYLE or LONDON DESIGN, but I can’t quite remember, and a few searches with Google and on Amazon didn’t turn anything up. I’ll go again tomorrow to get the titles, and hopefully links to the publisher so that you can get a better idea of what they look like. I hope they end up making one for Tokyo.

Listening to “Motor City Popp” from the album Golden Hour by Mansfield.