Ikko Tanaka


I really want to go see the Ikko Tanaka Restrospective taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I believe he’s the one that created the Muji logo, among many other things. Here’s what REALTOKYO says:

The first full-scale retrospective of the post-war master designer’s work since his death last year. Tanaka Ikko created dignified graphic works that reflect Western design yet retain traditional Japanese aesthetic sensibility. There are over 500 works on exhibit, including his art direction for SAISON, Loft and the Seibu Group and posters for Salvatore Ferragamo and Issey Miyake, but personally I found his uncommissioned graphic works that “fill (him) with an overwhelming sense of shame, like being seen undressed” particularly interesting. The exhibition design also happens to be by Ando Tadao, who was a friend of Mr. Tanaka’s before his death.