Lil and Nadine

Today, after my morning in Shinagawa, I had the great pleasure of meeting up with fellow bloggers Lil (Esthet) and Nadine (Tokyo Shoes) for lunch in Aoyama. I was glad to finally have a chance to meet them face to face, and it ended up being really fun. They brought me to Montoak, a place I’d really been wanting to check out, and that was recently featured in WALLPAPER magazine. I definitely want to go again sometime and try to get a seat on the upper floor, which has a very cool lounge feel. Also looking forward to future lunch dates in the area with the ladies!

I also have great feelings of jealousy towards Lil since she picked up the new Canon G5 camera tonight. I want one. Now.

Oh, and here’s a pic Lil took of me with her mobile phone.

Update (16/08/13): That photo of me is unfortunately no longer available — I wonder what I looked like.