So, yes, I’m back from my little weekend escapade to Seoul, and yes, it was quite a nice trip. Saw some sights, bought some stuff, ate amazing tasty food, and even made it to the border with North Korea (DMZ). All in all, I’m definitely glad we went, and wouldn’t be surprised if we end up doing something similar again in a year or two. Instead of just writing one long entry, I think I’d rather just write a bunch of different posts on various aspects of the trip since it works better with my writing style (short and sweet). Also, for the next couple of weeks TB.Grafico is definitely going to be taken over with images of the trip, and I’ll probably be posting more frequently than on a daily basis. I’ll also include info on the trip with some of the images.

Listening to “Mini Microphones” from the album Cinq (Four+One) by Cubismo Grafico Five.