The last two entries on Tokyo Boy were done using Mfop2, the new iteration of Kevin Cameron’s excellent moblogging tool. The most interesting new feature on it is that you are now able to send posts with multiple images, which I will probably want to use in the future. A feature that’s not there yet but is listed as “coming soon” is the ability to resize pics, which will let me send 640×480 pics to the Nej blog, after they are properly resized to fit in the column. As for useability, he has foregone with using the subject line for the title, and instead you now have to put a line of code in the body of the message (@t=This Is the Title@), which I’m not really liking as it’s a pain to input characters in the phone. You have to put a similar code for the password. Based on this, I can see myself still using Mfop Classic to post regular messages, and then using Mfop2 when it comes to multiple images or larger format posts.